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Church Hill Christian Wellness Center "The Well"

Meeting at Mount Tabor Baptist Church

Rev Glinda Ford








The Rev. Glinda Ford, Community Missionary

COVID-19 GOD SIGHTING…I believe that one of the hardest things that I have had to face was the recent death of my daughter.  After accepting her death, making arrangements were impeded by the dreadful COVID-19.  However, the acts of kindness through prayers, cards, virtual hugs, calls of encouragement and comfort, texts, plants, and other forms of support felt like a cozy blanket of love.  Even though the pandemic caused us to practice “social distancing,” we felt love that was so strong from the RCFN Family that it bridged the gap and eliminated the distancing.  May God bless individually and collectively the RCFN Family above and beyond the blessing of love that was extended to my family and me.



· The numerous participants at “The Well” who are wrestling with difficult problems, illnesses, or loss.

· Pray for the revelation of new ministries that “The Well” can implement in its area of ministry that will not duplicate an existing service.

·Always pray for wisdom for me to minister to the East End by doing God’s will God’s way.







The Rev. Jennifer Turner, Community Missionary

COVID-19 GOD SIGHTING…During these days of COVID-19, the hearts of the churches and of individuals connected with RCFN are as big and active as ever displaying God’s love!  Many of the programs at the Oregon Hill Baptist Center have been tailored to a “new norm” for now so that we can continue to minister safely and effectively to Richmond’s most desperate populations as a result of your faithfulness!  A good example includes one of our OHBC Support Team members and Oregon Hill community resident, Felicity Blundon, and her son Axie. Axie decided during the COVID-19 crisis to refocus his Ashville, NC company’s resources to focus on producing hand sanitizer and donating a portion of it to organizations serving vulnerable populations. At Felicity’s request, the OHBC received a donation to share with our homeless friends! Each individual who participates in our Thursday homeless program has received his or her own bottle of sanitizer and may receive a refill when their container is empty. Thanks, Felicity and Axie, for being one of our many God-Sightings during these days of uncertainty!



· Give thanks for the many ways God continues to work and shine through His creation even in desperate times!

· Pray that, as our nation and our world moves gradually towards “business as usual,” we will continue to remember the important “unusual” lessons God has been teaching us.

· That the OHBC will remain an example of what it means to serve “vulnerable populations” not just in a world crisis but all the time!




The Rev. Wesley Garrett, Community Missionary

COVID-19 GOD SIGHTING…A clothing store in Southside Plaza is making masks for use by children who participate in SRBC/SRBC Satellite ministries.  An anonymous person is donating his/her $1,200 Coronavirus Relief Check to help the center reach people in need of food assistance.  Another person, a member of Huguenot Road, sent a contribution to Friendship Memorial Baptist to help people in need during the pandemic.  Members and family in one church are honoring another mission-minded member’s memory by making and giving food.  They will prepare bags of groceries in June and July at the SRBC Satellite.  Throughout the pandemic, in lieu of having persons come inside the building to receive groceries, bags prepared in advance are handed to individuals as they drive by.  They can receive what they need without leaving their vehicle, enhancing the safety of both volunteers and recipients. 



· For the new SRBC haircut ministry offered to food recipients.

· Thanksgiving for the professional barbers who volunteer time and talents.

· For the computer classes re-starting at the Satellite and for the young men searching for employment, posting their resumes, and scheduling job interviews.





Beth Wright and her family



Mrs. Beth Reddish Wright, Camp Director

COVID-19 GOD SIGHTING….In the immediate aftermath of our stay-at-home orders, the Alkulana staff developed Alkulana Online, a virtual camp experience for our campers. We also began offering free groceries to families who needed a little extra support. Here’s where we saw God show up: A camper’s grandmother who sent a tearful voicemail thanking us for the food donation, support she never thought she would need. A camper who was thrilled when he realized he happened to be wearing his camp shirt when a camp staff member showed up with groceries. A mother emailing us from her hospital bed to thank us for providing a sense of connection and steadiness for her son through Alkulana Online while she couldn’t be with him. Campers dancing and singing with all of their hearts around a “virtual” campfire. We trust that, through God’s guidance, we will continue to be the Alkulana Family and we are grateful for the role you play in it. 



· Please pray for us as we make wise and safe plans for continuing to minister to our campers and their families this summer.

· Pray for our camper families. Pray for their safety and health as many continue to work in essential industries.

· Pray for our faithful summer camp counselors who are experiencing disruptions in work and school. 






The Rev. Dr. Calvin Birch, Pastor

COVID-19 GOD SIGHTING…While not everyone is used to it, the Lighthouse International family is meeting by Zoom, like many congregations all across America.  A Childrens’ Check In has been very successful  and provides an online platform for prayer, Bible study, and the reinforcement of their faith in troubled times.  Because of social distancing the congregation has instituted several new means such as a cash app to allow the church family to express its financial stewardship.  The cash app is much more appealing to younger members of the church family who are far less likely to write checks.  God is honoring the prayers of  small groups meeting by conference call at 5:30 AM, noon, and 11:30 PM daily.



· A building for worship  that is more convenient to the Lighthouse International congregation.

· God’s provision for those who have lost jobs or have been furloughed, waiting to be recalled to their workplace.

· Leadership for a ministry to prospective college bound children and young adults to help them make wise decisions that honor God and further their relationship with Him.











COVID-19 GOD SIGHTING… Sometimes God is seen as much in what doesn’t happen as that which does.  While the Central Virginia Raceway Ministries team was looking forward to serving racing guests at Richmond Raceway in April, the race because of COVID-19 was cancelled.  The September race is still up for grabs!  In addition, the future of the September Leadership Development Conference is uncertain.  The planning team that has been hard at work is wrestling with whether to move ahead with  its planning or to cancel for this year.  These decision are heart wrenching!  The desire to engage in ministry is deep and profound.  But the desire to protect event participants and volunteers, many among the most vulnerable in our population, is compelling. Sometimes God is seen most clearly in the decisions we make to express love for the health and well-being of persons rather than commitment to events without regard for its effects on those we love.



· Pray for wisdom to plan and decide regarding LDC-20 in a way that expresses His love for all involved.

· Pray that volunteers will not become discouraged at the loss of current ministry opportunities.

· Pray that the September race at Richmond Raceway can take place safely with stands full of guests to whom we will be able to share the love of Christ.





The Rev. Mike Robinson, RCFN Executive Director

Mrs. Danette Moen, Assistant to the Executive Dir.,

Financial Coordinator

COVID-19 GOD SIGHTING…As I make contact with our churches and leaders it is gratifying to see how God has been working through their amazing efforts as they creatively adapt to “gathering” in varieties of ways without gathering in person. I am aware of online gatherings numbering as many as 800 “in attendance” when customary attendance has been 10% of that number.  It has been a thrill learning of so many who have been introduced to social media only weeks ago but who are now enjoying “digital” ministry to genuine physical, mental, and spiritual needs, having necessities delivered to their homes, and blessing others experiencing “shortages.”  It has been particularly pleasurable serving as a conduit of significant “COVID” coping information to churches, pastors, and staff members.  Prayer times over the phone with pastors and church members has been rich and exciting!  God is continually at work!



· Wisdom for all leaders involved in guiding us toward reopening in safe and healthy ways, comforting the suffering and infirm.

· Discernment for all of us in our churches and communities as we move forward embodying the Great Commission and the Great Commandment in whatever will be the shape of our “new normal.”

· Faithfulness to God that includes a godly, principled approach to life; flexibility in methodologies; and adaptability to life as it comes our way.


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