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Church Hill Christian Wellness Center "The Well"

Meeting at Mount Tabor Baptist Church

Rev Glinda Ford






* The RCFN staff, WMU, RCFN churches, and CHST for their support, as we minister to meet some of the many needs of those living in the East End.

* For the privilege and the opportunity to minister and meet all who come to  the “Well” seeking some form of assistance or just to talk/share the things that they are experiencing at this time.   

Always for the prayers for wisdom to minister to the East End to do God’s Will God’s Way

Prayer Requests:

* For young people in this area to be encouraged to finish school and reach for their dreams.

* For parents in this community to be more attentive to their children’s activities and friends

* For teachers to listen/ watch closely to detect the concerns of their students through the things they haven’t spoken and that may be manifested through unexpected behaviors.



Oregon Hill Baptist Center

Meeting at Pine Street Baptist Church

Rev. Jennifer Turner







*  For the solid partnership between the OHBC and it's host church - Pine Street Baptist

*  For  organizations like:  The Daily Planet,  CARITAS, ACTS, Commonwealth Catholic Charities, Richmond Behavioral Health, Virginia Supportive  Housing, etc.  who  partner with  the Oregon Hill Center in serving the homeless of our city. 

*  For the churches and individuals who are so faithful in praying for, and giving resources (time, money, donations, etc.) to the OHBC. 


Prayer Requests:

*  For the 3 homeless individuals who participate in our programs and who have now  been placed in permanent housing over the last several months.

*  For the many college students in the Oregon Hill Neighborhood as they wind down the semester and enter into exams.

*  For 4 families involved in our ministries who are facing very difficult financial and/or personal dilemmas at the moment.





South Richmond Baptist Center

Meeting at Saint Paul's Baptist Church _ South

Rev Wesley Garrett






*I am thankful for the children’s ministry we have started on Sunday afternoon  at the Satellite Ministry location.  We will begin a monthly passport club where we will have crafts, fun activities and maps geared toward teaching children about a  different country on God’s huge earth.

*I am thankful for the youth that comes around to help with cleaning up the yard and building.  The storm of last month left many tree branches and yard work to remove. 

*I am thankful for the adult Bible Study class that meets on Wednesday mornings.  There is a noticeable difference in the participants knowledge of the Bible and clear signs of their walk with the Lord.

Prayer Requests:

*Pray for the SRBC Satellite ministry  as seek new ways to reach the neighborhood children and youth around the center.

*Pray for employment needs of many of our participants.  Often I am asked concerning jobs that I may know.    Many times during our prayer time at the food distribution, this is the main prayer request.

*Pray for the young adults as they are seeking ways to gain their GED or complete their High School diploma.  Many of them for many different reasons, dropped out of school and are now regretting that decision.    

*Pray for the food pantry needs as the Foodbank struggles with having proper food needs.




Beth Wright and her family


Camp Alkulana

Beth Reddish Wright



Please join us in praying for our Camp Alkulana ministry in this 104th summer of camp!



*As we move through this camp season, your prayers accompany us, encourage us, and sustain us.

* Camp teaches friendship skills, independence, problem solving, and exploration! Campers often tell that Camp Alkulana feels like a second home to them: “This place makes me feel safe, loved, and important. This is something I want to experience over and over again.”

* Alkulana also encourages spiritual growth. One camper shared, “I loved learning about the relationship I share with God and all that he’s created.”

* Your gifts change lives! Please consider partnering again this year by contributing to the Alkulana Offering so that this life-giving work can continue.


Prayer Requests:

* Pray for spiritual and emotional growth in our campers and counselors.

* Pray for a safe summer season.

* Pray for our camp director, summer program coordinator, camp registrar, and site director as they provide leadership at Alkulana.

* Pray for strong financial partners and volunteers to connect with Alkulana.







                      (Formally known as African Christian Community Church)






* For  spiritual growth and maturity among the lay leadership of the Lighthouse International Church

* For considerably increased depth in the stewardship  of time, treasure and talent among the membership

* For the Lighthouse International Church reaching the place where it is less and less dependent upon outside assistance to exist and more and more able to lend assistance to the larger Christian community to thrive at carrying out the Great Commission and the Great Commandment

* For the faithfulness of  WMU groups and Sunday School classes who continue to undergird the Lighthouse International family with prayer and tangible love 



* For a strong sense of  belonging as American citizens while retaining native passion and enthusiasm imported from the homeland   

* Patience to feel at home as a church family wherever worship and community occurs and sensitivity to God’s timing regarding place and property

* Success in providing a spiritual home for an ever broadening community of seekers and Jesus followers from refugee backgrounds






Central Virginia Baptist Ministries (CVBM)






* For the excellent leadership provided to the Dover Baptist Association by Dr. Steve Allsbrook, Director of Missions, who retired during the past year

* For growth in skills and abilities that the annual Leadership Development Conference provides to clergy and laity each autumn

* For the openness that CVBM enjoys from the officials at Richmond Raceway that allows us to share Christ through Kid’s Carnival, cookie distribution and guest service activities to thousands of race fans twice a year


* That increased numbers of individuals will avail themselves of the opportunities for growth by attending LDC-18 in September

* Discernment to  notice God’s hand at work in our city and to join Him in new opportunities to effect spiritual transformation as CVBM partners

* To see a distinct decline in crime and poverty in Richmond as a direct result of revival and renewal generated from the churches of all three of our sister networks and associations





Administrative Staff

Rev Mike Robinson - Executive Director

Danette Moen - Assist to Exec Director; Financial Coordinator



* For daily opportunities as the hub of operations to support and shape the work of our three community centers and Camp Alkulana by augmenting communication between all parts of our work and our affiliated churches

* For the honor of supporting clergy and laity in our affiliated churches in times of victory and seasons of crisis

* For the trust you place in us to receive and manage with integrity and honesty the stewardship resources forwarded to our ministries through the Ministry Support arm of RCFN


* Opportunities to effectively support and influence local governments and service agencies  to address poverty and hopelessness in our city

* Openness to new and fresh ideas to accomplish ministry goals with maximal impact for Christ

* Success in connecting with other non-Baptist, Christ-honoring entities to expand the work we are all called to do in our city




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